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The Law of the Street

Riding through a red light.

Don’t do it.

Turning right when the light is red.

Don’t do it.

Riding the wrong way down a one-way street.

Don’t do it.

Riding on the BQE, I-95, the FDR or the West Side Highway.

Don’t do it, unless there’s a sign that says you can. (I say even if a sign says you can, still don’t do it.)

Riding on the sidewalk

Don’t do it if you’re over 12.

Riding while listening to the radio or music through earphones.

Don’t do it.

Riding no hands:

Don’t do it.

Riding without brakes.

Don’t do it.

Riding without a seat.

Don’t do it. There is actually a law against this.

Riding without a white light in front and a red light in back at night.

Don’t do it. Also you should have reflectors.

Riding without a bell.

Don’t do it.

Signaling when you turn.

Do it.

(Use your left hand to signal a left turn. Use your right hand or your left hand to signal a right turn.)


The Law of the Bike Lane 

When not to use a bike lane:

When there isn’t one.

If there is a bike lane, but a cow, or some other animal is occupying it, you’re allowed to leave the bike lane to ride around it.

If there’s a giant meteor crater or a cactus growing, you’re allowed to ride around it.


When using a bike lane:

Don’t stop. Except for traffic signals.

Don’t run over pedestrians, people pushing carts, or other bicycles, this is not allowed, not to mention unsafe. At least as unsafe as trying to ride through a big hole with a cactus growing out of it.

Don’t go up against a car. This is unhygienic.


More information about New York City biking regulations here.






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