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AM I INVISIBLE? NYC | SP : the Exhibition

Scenes from the exhibition and public art installation Am I Invisible? NYC | SP, in New York City and São Paulo, on view from September 15 – November 8, 2015.

Panel discussion at Centro Cultural São Paulo, September 15. Speaking is Nabil Bonduki, Chief of Cultural Affairs, SP

A projection of images submitted to the Am I Invisible? NYC | SP Open Call at the opening party at Delancey Plaza, September 15, 2015.

Panel discussion at Centro Cultural São Paulo, September 15. From left to right: (L-R) Nabil Bonduki (Chief of Cultural Affairs in São Paulo), Ignacio Aronovich (LostArt), Ronaldo Tonobohn (Department of Transportation), Anderson Augusto (6eMeia), Leonardo Delafuente (6eMeia) and Baixo Ribeiro (Instituto Choque Cultural). Speaking, Anderson Augusto of 6meia.

A visitor to the installation at Delancey Plaza, NYC, September 15, 2015. Works visible (L – R) Gustavo Gomes, Jessica Findley, David Horvitz, Bijari.

Wide view of Invisìvel? SP | NYC at Centro Cultural São Paulo. Works visible by (L – R) William Lamson, Jessica Findley

Visitors to Am I Invisible? NYC | SP October 10, 2015 look at works by Jessica Findley, Gustavo Gomes. Partially visible at extreme left, 6meia.

A visitor to Am I Invisible? NYC | SP takes a picture at Lomography Gallery, NYC, October 10. L-R: works by William Lamson, Hai Zhang.

Public art installation of Invisìvel? SP | NYC with work by William Lamson

Visitors to Am I Invisible? NYC | SP at Lomography Gallery, NYC, October 10, 2015

Public art installation of Invisìvel? SP | NYC with work by Jessica Findley



Am I Invisible? NYC | SP Opening Party and Awards


Join us Tuesday for the opening party of Am I Invisible? NYC | SP to find out if you are one of the six winners of the Am I Invisible? NYC | SP Open Call!
Contestants who attend are also eligible to win raffle prizes sponsored by ABUS, Thule, Nutcase Helmets, Levi’s and Lomography.
Everyone who comes will receive a surprise gift, and a chance to win a VANMOOF bicycle.

Am I Invisible? NYC | SP is an international public art project about urban mobility, bicycling, art, photography, and the city. The Am I Invisible? NYC | SP exhibition opening party will happen simultaneously in New York City and São Paulo. During the party, we’ll connect over Google Hangout with the Bicycle Utopia community in Brazil: bicyclists, artists and the people who love them.

Am I Invisible? NYC | SP features work by Ana Benaroya, Bijari, Ingrid Burrington, Jessica Findley, Garapa, Gustavo Gomes, David Horvitz, William Lamson, Joseph Michael Lopez, Felipe Russo, TEC, Hai Zhang and 6eMeia

and YOU.

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O Where are you Going?



‘O where are you going?’ said reader to rider,

‘That valley is fatal when furnaces burn,

Yonder’s the midden whose odors will madden,

That gap is the grave where the tall return.’


‘O do you imagine,’ said fearer to farer,

‘That dusk will delay on your path to the pass,

Your diligent looking discover the lacking

Your footsteps fell from granite to grass?’


‘O what was that bird, said horror to hearer,

‘Did you see that shape in the twisted trees?

Behind you swiftly the figure comes softly,

The spot on your skin is a shocking disease.’


‘Out of this house’–said rider to reader,

‘Yours never will’–said farer to fearer,

‘They’re looking for you’–said hearer to horror,

As he left them there, as he left them there.


O Where are you Going?  

W.H. Auden, 1934

Dinner and Bikes with Elly Blue June 2!

Join us for Dinner and Bikes with Elly Blue, Joshua Ploeg and Joe Biel at the Old Stone House on June 2 at 7 PM.

A vegan feast under the trees and an evening of music, movies, and conversation with Elly Blue about her new book, Bikenomics: How Biking Can Save the Economy.



Dinner and Bikes is the closing event for Am I Invisible? A Portrait of New York City, an exhibition at the Old Stone House that celebrates the style and diversity of New York City Bicyclists. Every ticket sold is entered into a raffle to win a Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 3-speed or a Van Moof bike.

photo credit: Hyperallergic

About Elly Blue: Elly Blue lives in Portland, Oregon and has been writing about bicycle transportation since 2006. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, Bicycling, Grist Bitch, BikePortland, Momentum and elsewhere. Elly Blue is the author of Everyday Bicycling (2012) and Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy (2013). Elly Blue Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor with a focus on feminist nonfiction about bicycling. EBP publishes the quarterly zine Taking the Lane and a growing number of traditional-format books. More information here.

About chef Joshua Ploeg: Let us not understate the might and magic of Joshua Ploeg’s cooking. The dude’s meals sparkle in your mouth; they burst and bloom; they explode and breakdance and pirouette! Former singer for Lords of Lightspeed, Behead the Prophet, and the Mulkiteo Faeries, Joshua Ploeg, the “traveling vegan chef” is author of In Search of Lost Taste, So Raw It’s Downright Filthy and This Ain’t No Picnic. More information about Joshua here

About Joe Biel: Writer, designer, filmmaker, activist and founder of Microcosm Publishing, Joe Biel will be showing The Greatest Gift, his new 15 minute documentary about Emily Finch, the Portland mom who bikes around with her 6 kids.More about Joe here

Come for dinner, leave with a bike!

Every ticket sold for Dinner and Bikes is entered into a raffle to win a Brooklyn Cruiser or a Van Moof bike. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Recycle-A-Bicycle.

Dinner and Bikes is sponsored by ABUS, Rolling Orange Bikes and Brooklyn Bicycle Co. 




A Visit to Bicycle Roots Bike Shop in Crown Heights

What’s different about New York City from Central Illinois? Artist Kathy Creutzburg pays a visit to Joe, Nechama, Herschel and Steven at Bicycle Roots Bike Shop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.




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¡Vivan los Muertos! Day of the Dead Celebrations at la Casa Azul

paul lambertonArtist Paul Lambermont’s lifelong fascination with Mexica theology began when he was seven or eight years old and saw an image of the Mexica dipping their feet into pails of sap to makes boots for themselves. “How cool is that?”

This spectacular painting (“the figure is the size of a small child”) is part of the Vivan los Muertos exhibition currently on view at La Casa Azul. The piece is made of found paper, that has been sewn, stapled and painted.

The painting represents the God Xipe Totec, and is part of a series inspired by the Codex Borgia, the Codex Zouche Nuttal, and Tibetan Art which he calls The Codex Chitipati. “I am interested in the art and myths of many cultures and time periods. Despite separation of geography and time, images are constantly repeated.

“Xipe Totec is the God of Springtime and Vegetation. He is represented as having been flayed: the skin is removed so new life can come through. During the ritual devoted to him the priests wore the flayed skin of sacrificial victims. It’s sort of nice we don’t do stuff like that now–it would make us more paranoid than we are already.”

The Vivan los Muertos exhibition includes work by Claudia Corletto, Pablo Caviedes, Michael Guillen, Ramon Gutierrez, Antonio Pertuz, Vanessa Peters and Airy Quiroz, and a community altar in memory of the writer Oscar Hijuelos, who passed away in October of this year.

¡Vivan los Muertos at La Casa Azul on view from now to November 23.

La Casa Azul Bookstore 143 E. 103rd St 

Highlights From Last Week’s East Harlem Art and Culture BikeART Tour

Great weather, great art, great food, site-specific spoken-word performances by JC Augustin, and wonderful music by Blue Maky at the East Harlem Harvest Festival were just some of the highlights of the BikeART tour on Saturday, October 27.

We’re looking forward to more of the same and just more on Saturday, November 2 for the Day of the Dead tour!

Sign up here!

October 27th East Harlem BikeART Tours: Play(LABS)!


Muralist, graffiti and tattoo artist Badder Israel puts the finishing touches on “Yellow Brick Road” his tribute to the cultures of the Indians of the Americas–Maya, Inca, Aztec and Taino. The mural is part of Play(LABS), a public art installation in four East Harlem community gardens, organized by the West Harlem Art Fund and New York Restoration Project.

Join us on Sunday, October 27th on our bike tour! Starting from the East Harlem Café we’ll make stops at Play(LABS) and other art and culture locations, the East Harlem Harvest Festival. We’ll taste some great food, listen to some great music–it’s going to be a great day to be in Harlem!

Tours start at 10 am and 2 pm.

For more information, and to book a tour, go here.

What’s a Girl to Do?

Bat for Lashes at Webster Hall August 30!

The amazing Natasha Khan pulling a hair light with a cargo bike accompanied by a cohort of BMXers wearing animal masks in a forest at visual effects of viagra night–wait VolumePills, I feel faint. I have to sit down for a minute.

webster hall map

Here’s Mom, the stunning Salma Agha rocking it Qawwali style in the biggest of big finishes in Salma in 1985.