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Biking Is Local. There is no better way to experience the art and cultural experience that is New York City. Bicycle Utopia amplifies bike as cultural lens by fostering connections and conversation. Exploring the myriad intersections of art and bicycle, Bicycle Utopia builds a community of ideas—living, breathing, bike-riding, on the network and in the city. Bikes are good for cities, and bicycling is good for everyone. See you in the streets!

jeanne-hilary021 Jeanne Hilary, Founder

Jeanne is a photographer, and new-media producer. She has never owned a car; she rides a bicycle year round. She has worked in Afghanistan, Egypt, India, China and Rwanda and elsewhere for publications including The Guardian, le Monde, El Pais, La Repubblica, and The New York Times. As media became digital, Jeanne started to spend many more hours looking at a computer than wandering outside with a camera. Learning to fix bicycles brought her back to the glorious real. Master mechanic Mike Rodriguez at Bicycle Station accepted her as an apprentice, and learning to repair flats and building bikes with Mike led to the launch of Bicycle Utopia in May 2012. In Jeanne’s other life, her carbon footprint is still one of the all-time biggest ever. Riding a bicycle around New York City will do nothing to remedy that.

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anne-foster019Anne Foster, Bicycle Correspondent

Anne‘s love of bicycles began in college when she starting using her bike to make grocery store runs. After college she spent a year teaching English in Spain. On a whim, she bought a used mountain bike and rode it from San Sebastian to Spain’s West Coast. Five hundred miles later, she was hooked for life. Since then she has dabbled in all things bicycle–from working as a bike courier in New York City to working in a bike shop in Brooklyn to writing about bikes for the New York Times.

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 millie-black020Millie Black, Community ManagerMillie is from Texas.From the age of eight, she collected travel guides to NYC with dreams to live there. She graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Film and Digital Media. She is passionate about production, helping creatives to craft their art, and bringing quality media to communities. She plans to use her degree to help at-risk students express themselves through film.More about Millie at