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NY Art Book Fair has Back Yard Grass

The New York Art Book Fair is one of our favorite events of the year, and we are thrilled to see that Montreal-based multi-disciplinary artist Jenny Lin has a new pop-up book she’ll be showing this year, Back Yard Grass.

jenny lin backyard grass

We discovered Jenny’s work last year, when she showed us Skinny Leg, a pop-up book and comic.

jenny lin skinny leg front cover

Hand-made artist pop-up books are to literature as bicycling is to transport, at once the most physical, labor intensive, elegant and idiosyncratic expression of the medium.


It has been a bad year for bike accidents, starting with, on January 4, a fatal accident that involved a truck and a woman who had just pushed off from the curb.

It’s been reported that the truck was driving too fast. Certainly this, and the horrific accident in August, the result of a road rage incident between a cab driver and a cyclist in which a bystander was maimed, have fueled the ongoing debate about criminalizing reckless driving.

It’s easy to forget that if you can’t see the driver in a vehicle’s rearview mirror, he or she can’t see you. Steve Vaccaro, a lawyer who represents cyclists injured car accidents, compares the disregard on the part of car manufacturers for the people among whom vehicles will circulate to the circumstances that led to the class action suits against asbestos manufacturers, saying that car manufacturers should be required to take reasonable care that automobiles are designed with the safety of pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers in mind.

The thing we hear most often as soon as we say the words “Bicycle Utopia” is, “I’m afraid to ride my bike in New York City.”

And we agree, everyone on a bike should ride defensively with regard to pedestrians, cars and buy viagra online safe other semenax ultimate male cyclists, and never, in an unprotected environment like a city street, ride so fast, or so close to other cyclists, that you can’t stop or get out of the way should something weird happen. New York City is Weird Capital of the Universe, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, but it’s a mistake to assume everyone around you will always behave in a reasonable manner, or believe that anyone will pick up the slack for your own weirdness.

We shake our head in wonder when we see people riding the wrong way down a one-way street at night without lights wearing earbuds,and, paradoxically, a helmet–as if this accoutrement is some kind of magic charm that will protect the rider from not only head injuries, but stupidity of such monumental proportions.

Skinny Leg recounts in black and white and 3-D Jenny’s bike accident in which a garbage truck turning a corner knocked her off her bike and ran over her leg, breaking it in three places. In the week before the accident, she noticed things breaking all around her.


“One reason I got hit is that it was winter and I was wearing so many clothes my mobility was compromised and I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough.”


Jenny’s leg healed completely. In Skinny Leg she talks about how hard it was to overcome her fear to be able to get back on a bike. Finally she was inspired by a story she heard on the radio, about a woman who….


and she is riding again, but she doesn’t ride in the Montreal winter anymore.


B&D Press at the NYC Art Book Fair 2013, MoMA PS1 September 19 to 22, 2013

B&D Press is a micro publisher based in Montreal, Canada