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Getting your bike fixed after a car accident

Some useful advice from Momentum Magazine. And may Semenax you never, never need it.


Is there a connection between watches, tintypes and bicycles?

Bicycle style at is finest.


David Sokosh’s tintypes will be on view(!) at Esmond-Wright Gallery in Provincetown semenax price, MA, from August 10-23.

To see more watches, go to

To see more of David’s photography, go to

A glimpse of Bicycle Utopia


In case you were wondering, or had any doubts

More at ARTCRANK, coming soon to New York!

Via Blaine Deutsch

The “re-conquest” of the banks of the Seine

“Paris Plage” begins for the 11th time today, that month every summer when the expressway along the Seine is turned into a beach, complete with sand and umbrellas. The French edition of the Huffington Post published a history of the uses of the quais, with wonderful historical photographs dating as far back as the 18th century:

A view of the Pont Notre Dame in Paris

And includes an astonishing image of how the quais might be used again when a section of the expressway is closed to automobile traffic permanently in 2013:

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III

More wonderful images, and an excellent article for French readers, here.